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DK SCR series

  • DK SCR single-phase thyristor power regulator
  • DK SCR single-phase thyristor power regulator

DK SCR single-phase thyristor power regulator

  • The DK SCR series is a technology leading silicon controlled power controller. The product adopts the leading OLED LCD technology and the friendly UI human-machine interface. The modular design method is very convenient for on-site maintenance and replacement. High reliability and patented cooling technology ensure long-term reliability of products. All devices are imported power devices, quality first-class.

    This product can be widely used in electric heating control. It can be used for heating control of resistive load, silicon carbon rod, silicon molybdenum rod, quartz lamp tube, graphite load and inductive transformer load. It is a good executive unit for precise temperature control. Products are widely used in petroleum, Chinese medicine, medicine, glass, metal heat treatment, smelting and other industries. This product has intelligent online distribution function, which can improve the impact of power grid. It has standard MODBUS RTU interface and optional PROFIBUS DP bus interface or MODBUS TCP communication. The performance exceeds that of imported similar products.

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Product features

Power on slow start function, slow start time can be set to 0-360 seconds. At the same time, it has the function of slow shutdown.

It has the communication function of MODBUS RTU, and can add PROFIBUS DP bus to realize DCS Fieldbus control.

It has the functions of SCR over temperature detection, power supply phase protection, and precision transformer current limiting and overcurrent protection. At the same time, it has the function of emergency stop.

The working voltage range is 100-690V.

The linearized program controls the output without temperature drift. The special anti-jamming CPU is adopted to ensure the reliability of the system.

The device uses flame retardant ABS shell and flame retardant internal components to improve safety factor.

A 12 bit AD converter is used to achieve more precise adjustment.

With digital/OLED display function, it can display voltage, current, alarm code, etc., and can set parameters locally.

With advanced on-line distribution function, it can realize the distribution control function of intelligent networking, reduce the impact on the grid and increase the power factor.

Optional variable output function, multiple delivery types are optional.

The product modules are made from the original Simon products in Germany and have a longer service life.

Adaptive main power frequency, frequency range 47-63Hz. It can be widely applied to all kinds of generators with unstable frequency.

The safety and reliability of the system.

control signal

4-20mA, 0-10mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, 1-5V, 2-10V, PWM and other standard signal inputs.

control mode

The integrated technology of voltage regulation phase shifting and zero-crossing cycle power regulation can realize closed-loop control of constant current, constant voltage and constant power, electrolytic power supply and electroplating power supply.


Rated voltage range: 220V, 380V, 440V, 660V, 1140V

Suitable load types: all kinds of pure resistive load and various inductive load, IR infrared lamp and other loads. Various DC power supply, electrolytic power supply and electroplating power supply

protection system

Fast melt protection, precision current transformer protection, phase loss protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, etc.


Standard MODBUS RTU communications

Standard PROFIBUS DP communication

Missing phase alarm, over voltage and over current alarm, over temperature alarm, etc

Cooling way

10A - 50A cold

60-1200A air cooling

1000A-3000A Air or water cooling

Other detailed parameters

Input impedance: 120 Ω (4-20 ma when the input mode)

Delay start time range: adjustable range from 0 to 60 seconds

Output voltage control range: 0-98% of the input voltage

Adjust the output resolution: 0.2 °

Protective action time: <20ms

Relay contact capacity: 250V AC 2A

External voltage control function: voltage regulation (internal) / 0-100%

Insulation resistance: minimum 20 M Ω 500 v DC

Insulation strength: 2000V AC 1 minute (220V) 2500V AC 1 minute (380V)

Materials and external coatings: cold rolled steel and electrophoresis plastic spraying treatment

Current limit function: adjust range 20-110%

Overcurrent protection system: electronic type protection

Schematic diagram of size selection


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