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DK SCR series

  • DK SCR three-phase power controller thyristor SCR controller
  • DK SCR three-phase power controller thyristor SCR controller
  • DK SCR three-phase power controller thyristor SCR controller

DK SCR three-phase power controller thyristor SCR controller

  • DK SCR series is a technology leading silicon controlled power controller. The product adopts leading OLED liquid crystal display technology and friendly UI man-machine interface. Using the modular design method, site maintenance and replacement is very convenient. High reliability and patented heat dissipation technology to ensure the reliability of the product for a long time. All the components are imported power components with first-class quality.

    This product can be widely used in electric heating control. It can adapt to the heating control of resistive load, silicon-carbon bar, silicon-molybdenum bar, quartz lamp tube, graphite load and inductive transformer load. It is a good actuating unit for accurate temperature control. Products are widely used in petroleum, Chinese industry, medicine, glass, metal heat treatment, smelting and other industries.

    This product has intelligent on-line distribution function, which can improve the impact of power grid. It has standard MODBUS RTU interface and optional PROFIBUS DP bus interface or MODBUS TCP communication. Performance beyond the import of similar products.

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Product features

Power on slow start function, slow start time can be set to 0-360 seconds. It also has the function of easing off.

It has MODBUS RTU communication function and can be supplemented with PROFIBUS DP bus components to realize DCS field bus control.

It has the functions of SCR overtemperature detection, short phase protection of power supply and current limiting protection of precision transformer. It also has emergency stop function.

Load working voltage range is 100-690v.

Linear program control, no temperature drift output. Special anti-interference CPU is used to ensure the reliability of the system.

The equipment USES the flame retardant ABS enclosure and the internal device to improve the safety factor.

Adopt 12 - bit AD converter, realize more fine adjustment.

It has digital /OLED display function, which can display voltage, three-phase current, alarm code, etc., and can set parameter values locally.

Various load connection modes, star type neutral point connect zero, star type neutral point do not connect zero, triangle type connection, etc., can be set by parameters.

With advanced online distribution function, it can realize intelligent networking distribution control function, reduce the impact on the power grid and increase power factor.

Optional variable feed output function, various types of variable feed optional.

The product modules all adopt German original ximenkang products, the service life is longer.

Adaptive main power frequency, frequency range 47-63Hz. Can be widely used in various generator frequency unstable working conditions, guarantee

System safety and reliability.

Control signal

4-20ma, 0-10ma, 0-5v, 0-10v, 1-5v, 2-10v, PWM and other standard signal input

The control mode

The integrated technology of voltage shift phase and zero-crossing cycle modulation can realize the closed-loop control of constant current, constant pressure, constant power, double closed-loop three-phase rectifier dc power, electrolytic power, electroplating power


Load rated voltage range: 220V, 380V, 440V, 660V, and 1140V

Applicable load type: various pure resistive load, various inductive load, IR infrared lamp tube, etc. Various dc power supplies, electrolytic power supplies, electroplating power supplies

Load connection mode: three-phase star neutral point is not connected with zero connection method 3S, three-phase star neutral point is connected with zero 4S, three-phase triangle connection method is 3D, and three-phase inner triangle connection method is 6D

To protect the system

Quick - melting protection, precision current transformer protection, short - phase protection, over - voltage protection, over - temperature protection, etc


Standard MODBUS RTU communications

Standard PROFIBUS DP communication

Call the police

Missing phase alarm, over voltage and over current alarm, over temperature alarm, etc

Cooling mode

10-50A self cooling

60-1200A air cooling

1000-3000A air cooling or water cooling

Other detailed parameters

Input impedance: 120 ohm (4-20mA input mode)

Slow start time range: adjustable range 0-60 seconds.

Output voltage control range: input voltage 0-98%

Adjust output resolution: 0.2 degrees.

Three phase trigger Unbalance: less than 0.6 degrees.

Phase discrimination: automatic discrimination of R-S-T three phase voltage

Protection action time: <20ms

Relay contact capacity: 250V AC 2A

External voltage control function: voltage regulation (internal) / 0-100%

Insulation impedance: minimum 20 M 500V DC

Insulator strength: 2000V AC 1 minutes (220V) 2500V AC 1 minutes (380V)

Materials and external coatings: cold rolled steel sheet and electrophoretic spray treatment

Current limiting function: adjusting range 20-110%

Over current protection system: electronic type protection

Sketch map of selection size

Sketch map of selection size