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  • Dk0010 dual loop temperature and humidity controller

Dk0010 dual loop temperature and humidity controller

  • DK0010 series controllers are dual-loop process controllers and display instruments based on advanced microprocessor technology. They can control and display process parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow. The instrument is flexible in setting, convenient in configuration and simple in operation.

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Detailed parameters

Input signal range: 12 standard signal inputs.

Accuracy: temperature + 3%RH (5%RH-95%RH, 25 C)

Humidity + 0.5 C

Output signal simulation: 4-20MA, 0-20MA, 0-10MA

Local control and alarm output (optional):

Temperature master 2A (250V AC)

Temperature alarm 2A (250V AC)

Humidity master 2A (250V AC)

Humidity alarm 2A (250V AC)

Transmitter working temperature: -20 C ~+60 C

Transmitter working humidity: 0%RH~80% RH

Probe working temperature: -40 C ~+120 C

Probe working humidity: 0%RH~100% RH

Long term stability temperature: less than 0.1 /Y

Long term stability humidity: less than 1%RH/Y

Response time temperature: less than 18S

Response time humidity: less than 6S

Communication protocol: MODBUS RTU (RS485 interface, two wire system)

Driving distance: 1200 meters

Check mode: no check, odd check, even check.

Address range: 1~247

Baud rate: 4800960019200

Communication data format: one start bit, eight bit data bits, one stop bit.

Power supply: DC 24V + 10%

Power consumption: 4 watts

Protection level: IP66

Product features

12 types of analog input signals are supported, double input channels.

Support SHT1x digital temperature and humidity sensor input

Two way position control relay output, relay closing action can set action protection time interval.

Two way alarm relay output

Two way output current output

Photoelectric isolation Modbus Communication

Selection size

Outline size: 88.38*130.38*32mm

Installation size: 130.38mm

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